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Why 3011 Bell Street?

3011 Bell Street is perfectly situated in the heart of Esplanade Ridge. With so many great restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets in walking distance, as well as excellent schools within a 10-minute drive, you're sure to be the BELL of the ball😉 Come see this beautiful neighborhood & home! Call (504) 336-4050 or email [email protected] for more...

How to Calculate Commercial Rent!

If someone is asking $25.00/sq ft take the $25.00 X the size of the space 1000 sq ft $25.00 x 1000 = $25,000.00 (annual rent) divide by 12 to get monthly rent $2083.33 / month. Let’s take a detailed look into how to calculate your commercial rent: A Guide To Understanding Rent Calculations In Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate has unique definitions and terms, a lot of this...

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