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Why stay in Airbnb over hotel?

airbnb over hotel

The New Orleans Airbnb market is hot! Appraisers have to now appraise property based on the Airbnb income which makes buying a home affordable in New Orleans even with all the restrictions put on by the City of New Orleans.

Here are a few reasons why Airbnb’s are so popular in our market:

Feel Like A Local

If you’re in an Airbnb, there’s a good chance you’re actually living in someone’s house. This gives a better vibe than a hotel and you don’t have to feel like a tourist. Being cozier in a home is preferred over a hotel by many, so this is obviously a big factor in the choosing of an Airbnb.

I personally traveled Airbnb in Ireland and I was sharing someone’s home and what a great experience that was.

Your Stay

There is usually only 1 person to ask for something at an Airbnb. Either a manager or the owner, this makes asking anything much more personal. This is extremely helpful with negotiating check-in and check-out times, to asking where is the best gumbo in town.

New Orleans, LA/USA - Jan. 28, 2018: People hanging out on Frenchman Street, the popular strip for nightlife in Marigny, next to the French Quarter. Frenchman is popular with locals and tourists alike
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More Space

When you compare the space and amenities, Airbnb’s are generally cheaper and you get a full kitchen most of the time. Although most people who want to stay in NOLA don’t want to cook. Covid times has changed that.


Since Covid eating out has been challenging but you can still pick up your favorite meal here and there. Staying home and cooking is an option in an Airbnb unlike a hotel room. If you want to stay at home and cook Airbnb is the way to go.

LaNasa Realty Inc has a Residential Rental Department that can manage your Airbnb through Brenna White or find you a long term rental.
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