Serving the New Orleans Metropolitan Area


  1. Knowledge of Our Market
  2. Representation
  3. Technology
    1. We have technology on our side to help you with best tools to do a proper analysis of your location or locations.
    2. We can give you detailed growth rates.
    3. Population by age
    4. Traffic Counts
    5. Demographics in detail
    6. Drive times
    7. Detailed spending habits, who is spending and where
    8. Very detailed Lifestyle Groups so you can find where your target market is very quickly in different areas
    9. We can help with the answering some of your concerns with different locations such as:
      1. Zoning
      2. Price
      3.  Safety
      4. Suppliers
      5. Ingress/egress
      6. local and state federal program help
      7. and because of our research sources we can help you negotiate the best deal whether you are looking to Buy, Sell or Lease.
  1.  Save You Time
  2. Access to sold and other Lease deals
  3. Networking

Why Location is so important?

It’s about being somewhere your customers will see you, about being in a competitive location, about staying within budget, and about meeting local and state regulations and laws.

General considerations in looking for the right location:

  • Where is your target market located? We have the technology to help you find this quickly.
  • What image or brand do you want to convey?
  • How do you fit in with or stand out from your competitors?
  • How close do you need to be to suppliers?
  • What kind of neighborhood do you want to set up shop in? Is safety very important?
  • Where can you find your employees?
  • Is your area business-friendly?

Financial considerations:

  • Will you have to do extensive renovations before you can move in?
  • How much are property taxes? How much are income and sales taxes? Balance them out.
  • Could you pay less by choosing to start up in another state?
  • Can you afford to pay your employees at least the minimum wage?
  • Do you qualify for any government economic programs or incentives? Might you qualify somewhere else?

Legal considerations:

  • Can you legally conduct your business in this area?
  • If you want to make renovations or changes to the building, are there any legal restrictions?
  • Are you going to run into restrictions because of zoning laws in your area or location?

Understand zoning laws

  • Before you begin the “hunt” for the perfect location, it’s worth knowing a little bit about how zoning laws may affect you.
               Zoning laws and setting up shop
      • In terms of where you can legally operate your business, you should consider local zoning regulations and ordinances. These will affect your ability to make changes to the property you purchase—and indeed, to purchase it in the first place. They will also define how various properties can be used and could place restrictions on things such as the height or size of a structure.
      • In general, a property is zoned either for commercial or residential use. This stops businesses from building in residentially-zoned areas, and vice-versa.
      • The best thing to do to find out how property in your area or city is zoned is to contact your local planning agency.
      • Great resources are:

Start your search on foot and online

Knowing what kind of location you want and what you need to consider is all very well, but where do you go to find a physical business location?

A few of your general options include:

  • Walking the neighborhood keeping an eye open for rental signs
  • Commercial real estate agencies

A few sites that list commercial properties to Buy, Sell or Lease include:

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